one time we got a new kid in fifth grade and he walks right in and sticks his hand under the stapler and staples his hand and just looks at the teacher and goes “I’m going to the nurse” and leaves

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Work was really fun today. All the girls were wotking today, so we decided to have a twerk off. It was hilarious! Some couldn’t do it, some were pros and I was just enjoying the view. XD


not wanting to date someone because you aren’t physically attracted to them doesn’t make you an asshole

wanting to sit at home watching TV instead of hanging out with people doesn’t make you an asshole

cutting off a friendship that was not satisfying to you doesn’t make you an asshole

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how did jack frost handle feeling alone for three hundred years i can’t even handle it for three minutes

it’s called his hand


i didnt zoom in on that pic and i thought it said “how do you think i make snow”


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Sigh, worked all day, finally home. Now it’s time to blaze up!